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Blackburn Outpost


Yesterday we featured a Salsa Anything Cage as a simple, relatively inexpensive way to carry some extra stuff on your bike.  Today we’re featering a different but similar way to store something.

The Blackburn Outpost top tube bag can also be used to conveniently store some stuff on your bike frame, though this is a smaller (and fixed) volume of 1 litre.  While not offering the same potential for maximum capacity compared with the Anything Cage it does arguably offer more in convenience because it mounts onto the top of your top tube where that tube meets the head tube, so it’s pretty much right in front of you while still being tucked neatly into the dimensions of your bike.

We say the bag has a fixed volume but it does additionally have an exterior mesh pocket where you can shove an additional gel, phone, or camera (for example).

The bag is water resistant and fits virtually any bike.  Cost is $55 plus taxes and we have a few in stock at the time of this posting.

Salsa Anything Cage


If you need to store a few things on your bike but don’t need the space that full-on panniers or a large bar-mount bag provides the Anything Cage by Salsa might work for you.

It’s essentially a really, really large water bottle cage, made to accommodate smallish pack bags.  The bag isn’t provided but a couple of nylon straps are, so you easily tie down what you’re carrying to the cage.

It fits on your regular water bottle bosses.  Depending on the size of your frame and positioning of your bosses your bike might even fit two Anything Cages.

We have a few in stock at the time of this posting at a cost of $55 each.

Cyclocross Tires


Now that cyclocross season is well and truly upon us, with a couple of events under our belts but many still to come, you probably have a better idea of what kind tires will best get you through 30-60 minutes of suffering.

That means you’re armed with enough knowledge to come to the shop, pick out a new set of rubber, and up your ‘cross game a notch.

We have plenty of cyclocross specific tires in stock now, starting in price at around $60 each.  Come and check them out before the next race.

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