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Giant Flourish 4


We’ve featured a couple of sort-of-comfort / sort-of-cruiser bikes already this week so we figure why not highlight a third: The Giant Flourish 4.

The Flourish 4 is a relatively simple affair with a 1x drivetrain and V-brakes, and larger diameter wheels for on-road efficiency.

The one pictured above is built up and ready to ride out our front door at the time of this posting and is selling for a very reasonable $470 plus taxes.

Marin Stinson

As IMG_2215

For years now Electra’s cruisers and comfort bikes have dominated the local market, but other players have slowely stepped up to give us more variety, and variety is a good thing.

Marin, for example, now makes the Stinson, similar in design to an Electra Townie but with a full 3×8 drivetrain (as opposed to the single speed, 3 speed, and 8 speed available thru Electra) and with 27.5″ wheels that are arguably more efficient for on-road or light trail use.

Overall this isn’t really better or worse than the offerings from other manufacturers, just a little different.  Heck, maybe it’s just the different colour scheme that grabs you – it’s nice to have choices.

In the forefront of the picture above you can see the Stinson ST (Step Thru) model, and behind it is the ‘regular’ version. Both are in stock at the time of this posting and available to you for $690 plus taxes.

Below is a brief video from Marin describing a few of the bike’s features.

2017 Marin Comfort from Marin Bikes on Vimeo.

Electra Townie 7D


We’ve been selling Electra Townies for years now, and functionally speaking they’ve remained pretty much unchanged the entire time.  They’re still one of Electra’s ‘standard’  bike models, as opposed to the more radically relaxed geometry of their cruisers.

The model pictured above is a “7D”, which is also far from new.  Townies typically come in three models; a single speed, a 3 speed (with an internally geared hub) and the 7D model with, you guessed it, a 7 speed drivetrain.

What IS new about this particular Townie 7D is the paint and tires, and we happen to think it’s a great colour combination.  Electra is known for changing up the paint and general aesthetic schemes on their models year to year and we think they hit this one in particular out of the park.

Townies are one size fits most, but they are available with the more conventional top tube pictured above or as a step thru design with a low slung top tube (though we only have this specific paint scheme in shop with the tubing as seen here).

$640 plus taxed and you can take it home, so long as you get to it before someone else does because at the time of this posting it’s the only one we have in stock.

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