We’re your local, go to dealer for everything FatBike.  As long time Surly and Salsa dealers we’ve seen the trend evolve from something very niche, with an extremely limited selection of bike and accessories to, well, something a little less niche with a slightly less limited selection of bikes and accessories.  Actually, FatBikes are becoming almost mainstream and there are lots of cool options available to us today.

To be a little more accurate we’re very pleased to now have as many as a dozen different stock FatBike models to choose from through Surly, Salsa, and Cannondale and virtually infinate custom build options.  We can now choose from steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fibre frame and fork material.

There are also many rim and tire widths to choose from, different tire treads, a greater selection of larger width hubs and cranks, and more. Yay!

Most of us in the shop own, ride, and/or race FatBikes, and many of us have been doing it since the ‘beginning’ so it’s fun to be a part of the evolution.


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