Used Surly Moonlander


What a gorgeous used Surly Moonlander just landed in our shop.  It has an offset rear triangle with a Chris King rear hub and a ‘matching’ (both are anodized red) Hope front hub, Clownshoe rims with Bud and Lou 4.8” tires, a Chris King headset, and other nice bits, and it’s in really good shape.

Price hasn’t been determined yet but if you’re interested give us a call at (204) 888-4586 or come down to the shop and we’ll come up with something.  This is a Large sized frame.

Used Giant Liv Bella #2

We recently received into stock on trade a used Giant Bella 20″ kids bike. It’s similar to another Giant Bella we recently posted, but it doesn’t have a rear v-brake (just a coaster brake). Unlike the other used Bella we have in stock it doesn’t have matching fenders either. 

The difference in spec is reflected in a lower cost – this one is $200 plus taxes.