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NOS 45Nrth Wolvhammer Boots on sale

We have a handful of new old stock 45Nrth Wolvhammer cycling boots on sale now.  This model was released a couple of years ago and has since been updated.  The main difference with the new boots is a lace up design as opposed to the zipper and Velcro you see below.  The older model is still one we like, and for many of us the one we still use.

Regularly priced at well over $400 we’re selling the older model for just $300 plus taxes. At the time of this posting we have them in stock in sizes 41, 47, 48, and 50.

Of course when they’re gone they’re gone so act soon if you’re interested.


Updated Bike Sale Sheet

Here’s our updated sale sheet.  If you have questions about sizing or want to confirm availability (we try to update this online every week or two but in store things can change daily) give us a shout at (204) 888-4586.



Surly Krampus


Yesterday we featured a Marin Pine Mountain because, in part, we like its simplicity.  With large volume 27.5+ tires it can run a rigid fork and still eat up a lot of trail and road bumps, and with a 1x drivetrain the shifting is simple too.

Today we’re featuring a similar bike made by Surly.  The Krampus was one of the very first ‘plus’ bikes on the market.  It was called a plus bike but was really intended as a bike with slightly less tire volume than a FatBike (but more than a conventional 29er cross country tire).  The result is a bike that rides on 3″ wide 29er tires, providing more volume than the aforementioned Marin Pine Mountain but less than a FatBike with 4-5″ wide tires.

It’s a great bike for almost all local trail riding, and it doesn’t feel as big as a full-on FatBike on the road or lighter trail as you connect the dots between more technical terrain.

Originally $2250 plus taxes we have one 15″ Krampus on sale now for $1900 plus taxes.