2017 Cannondale Prices Posted

We’ve taken a bit to get the 2017 Cannondale prices posted, but we have now updated our Brands/Prices page to include C’dale prices.  They’re also posted below.

Please note that we don’t stock every model, but we do have a pretty wide selection in store, and so long as they’re not yet sold out from the manufacture we can special order just about anything for you.


Updated Labour Rates

Check out our updated labour rates below. For a bit more detail click through to our Rates page here.

If you’re interested in a spring tune up please call us at (204) 888-4586 to book an appointment.  We usually have a bit of a backlog this time of year and much prefer that you bring your bike in just the day your appointment date so we aren’t overflowing with bikes in our repair area.

We look forward to working on your bike as quickly as we can.



MCA 2017 Memberships


At the time of this posting it’s the very end of March, and that means that the very first competitive cycling events on the local calendar are coming in soon.  Road and Mountain Bike races are on the agenda for April and May.

That means it’s time to get your 2017 MCA memberships.  Click here for all the info, and get ready to race!