Benno Balloon 8 on sale – last one!


This is our very last 2017 Benno Balloon 8 in stock. It offers a plush ride for a rigid bike, owing to its steel frame and fork and of course its balloon 26” tires.  As the model name implies it has a 1×8 drivetrain.  It also has integrated fenders front and rear. The fenders as well as the rims are also colour matched to the rest of the bike.

This bike regularly sells for $1000 but we’re selling it now for just $700 plus taxes.  Once it’s gone it’s gone.

2018 Salsa Timberjack NX1


We like the new 2018 Salsa Timberjack a lot, and not just because it is painted in Olympia orange. It’s a sorta back to basics cross country hardtail.  We say ‘back to basics’ because it has a 6061 aluminum frame with a rigid rear end and geometry that is comfortable for all day riding but just tight enough to serve as a great racer too.  In other words it’s a good all-rounder; the the kind of mountain bike we used to ride on virtually every occasion.

What’s not so basic is the 1×10 drivetrain and the 27.5” wheels; both modern inventions that in most instances make riding just that much better.

The price also feels like it’s ‘basic’.  $1600 plus taxes gets you out the door with this gorgeous Salsa, which makes it a great deal.  The size L pictured above is built and ready to take a look at as of the time of this posting.

2018 Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon SE2


The Cannondale Scalpel was a pretty radical concept when it first appeared well over a decade now.  Since then things have changed quite a bit and we’ve all become accustomed to more travel on our cross country bikes, so the Scalpel changed with the times.

Beyond some fundamental frame changes a few years ago the newest Scalpel iterations include the SE versions that incorporate even more travel (and an accompanying slight change in frame geometry) compared to the also available SI versions.

The SE2 pictured above is also a bit of a departure from the ‘traditional’ Scalpel, and indeed a departure from many high end Cannondale mountain bikes in general, because it ditches the proprietary HeadShok in favour of a Fox fork.  We don’t really consider this to be better or worse than the HeadShok, just different. One advantage to the Fox fork is that it’s easy to swap out front wheels.  With a HeadShok you usually have to custom build a wheel to accommodate the uniqueness of the single sided suspension design.

This model has great component choices throughout, including a Sram 1×12 drivetrain and an integrated dropper post.  We have a medium built up and ready to go.  $6000 plus taxes and it’s yours!