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Salsa Warbird Carbon Apex 1


If you can’t decide between a road bike and a gravel (or ‘cross) bike the Salsa Warbird might be the right choice for you.  If you want to do some local winter riding but want to stick with drop bars this may also be the right choice for you.

The Warbird rides pretty much like a conventional road bike but offers a lot of lateral compliance to help make a rough ride more comfortable, and has clearance for up to 38mm tires (which means studded tires also work well).

The all-carbon frame and fork of the Carbon Apex 1 model help make this a surprisingly light ‘dirt’ bike, also aided by the 1×11 drivetrain.

With 3 waterbottle mounts and hidden fender mounts the Warbird can easily be used for long distance rides but is equally at home on local fitness rides or on the ‘cross course.

The one pictured above is built up and ready to take a look at in the shop at the time of this posting.  It’s a medium size and it’s $3500 plus taxes.

Marin Bobcat Trail 5




Archived July 2017

What’s it called?: Marin Bobcat Trail 5

Intended use: Cross-country mountain biking, general use

Price (excluding taxes, at time of posting): $1200

Why we like it: We’re not completely abandoning our love of 2x and 3x drivetrains, but we must admit that we’re really in love with the newish crop of 1x drivetrains (where there’s 1 chainring up front, with an absense of front derailleur and front shifter, and a large range, multi speed rear cassette).

The Marin Bobcat Trail 5 is one of the very best deals that incorporates a 1x drivetrain available to us. On top of that it has a very capable frame geometry that feels very comfortable on local trails but is also suitable for everyday roundabout-town riding.

What the manufacturer has to say: The most aggressively priced 10-speed mountain bike Marin has ever made, the Bobcat Trail leads from the top with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Deore rear derailleur and a performance RockShox Recon Silver fork. The Bobcat uses our all-new lightweight butted Series 2 frame and trail geometry, giving you an easy to ride bike that accelerates like it has rocket boosters.

The Bobcat trail line features our right size technology delivering a bikes to fit you, including frames that match your riding style and body. Our Right Size bikes use either 27.5” or 29” wheels depending on the frame size, to provide the best fit and function for riders big and small.

Thule Chariot Light 2 Child Carrier


Archived July 2017

Thule Chariot child carriers continue to be the gold standard for carting your kids around while you’re enjoying the outdoors, or even while you’re getting some shopping done.

The lightweight double stroller pictured above is available in store now for $900 plus taxes.  With tons of accessories, bomb proof construction, and great resale value it’s an investment that will expand with your range of activities until your kids outgrow it.

Below are a few bullet points lifted from Thule’s site.  Come down to the shop anytime to talk to us about additional features and/or to check a Chariot out for yourself.

– 4 activities – designed to excel when you bike, jog, stroll, and ski
– Compact fold – makes it easy to bring the carrier with you
– Thule VersaWing system – enables quick and easy conversion between activities, regardless of the kit used
– Suspension – makes the ride comfortable for both parent and child
– Thule Click n’ Store – convenient on-board storage of strolling, jogging, and cycling kit while changing between activities
– Includes bicycle trailer kit and strolling kit (ski and jogging kits sold separately)