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CX Provincials this weekend!


This is it folks!…the Provincial Cyclocross Championships are this coming weekend, on Sunday, October 23rd in Whittier Park.

Note that because they’re the Championships races are organized according to age, not ‘class’.  Also note that there is no Open category.  You must have an MCA license to  compete.

If you’re not already planning to race or help with the race be sure to come out and spectate. Cyclocross is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, spectator friendly amateur sports that exists.  Whittier Park has lots of parking, it’s a gorgeous venue, and the forecast looks good!

For more info check out the race site.

Winter FatBike Races Coming!

We’ve been promoting the local cyclocross races of late (at the time of this posting Southern Cross is only a day away!) but we’re taking a second today to mention the winter FatBike race series starting in just 2 months!

Beyond location and dates no additional info is posted here yet but it’s worth marking the dates on your calendar and checking back for more info soon. 

MECX Cyclocross Thanks Givin’er Edition, Sat Oct 8th


Just a reminder that more local cyclocross awesomeness is happening this weekend.

The ‘cross season continues on Saturday, Oct 8th in St. Adolphe.  Even if you’ve never raced before and don’t have an MCA license you can take part – simply follow the appropriate links on the race site to sign up, but note that online registration ends Friday, Oct 7 at 9 am.  

Sign up now to take part in a great cycling discipline and build up a calorie deficit for the Thanksgiving turkey splurge you’re planning for a day later.

Have questions about how race-worthy your bike is?  Practically any type of bike will do if you’re racing in the open class (there are specific regulations and restrictions for some of the higher classes) but you do want to make sure that everything is in good working order, so if you have doubts come and visit us quickly and we’ll try to fit you in before the race.