MCA 2017 Memberships


At the time of this posting it’s the very end of March, and that means that the very first competitive cycling events on the local calendar are coming in soon.  Road and Mountain Bike races are on the agenda for April and May.

That means it’s time to get your 2017 MCA memberships.  Click here for all the info, and get ready to race!

MB Fat Bike Race Series and Actif Epica coming up!

There are at least 3 winter bike races left to get ready for this coming February and March.  If you haven’t considered them, check out the links to their websites below.

The Manitoba FatBike Race Series has already had a very successful inaugural race at Falcon Ridge on January 15th.  Up next is a race at Fort Whyte Alive on February 12th followed by a race at Birch Ski Area on March 19th.  These are FatBike exclusive events.

On February 18th Actif Epica, an ultra endurance bike (whatever bicycle best suits your needs and the conditions) and running (choose your discipline) event takes place from southern Manitoba to The Forks in Winnipeg for the 6th annual time.

These are quality races that are hugely emblematic of the local winter riding scene and its have-fun-no-matter-the-season spirit.    It’s worth your while to see what they have to offer and consider signing up.



5th Annual Winnipeg Global FatBike Day Ride, Saturday Dec 3 2016

Photo Credit to Gregory McNeill, taken from

If you’re looking for an official way to kick off the winter FatBike riding season there might be just the event to fit the bill for you this Saturday, Dec 3rd.

It’s time on Saturday for the 5th annual Winnipeg Global FatBike Day Ride.  This has been a solid event of riding and recreation in recent Winnipeg history and we expect it to be a great way to get some distance on our FatBike wheels again this year.

There are different distances to chose from, and more details available by checking out the site or going directly to the event Facebook site (which is a closed membership page, so if you’re not already a member but you’re interested go to the page and request membership).

You can also check out a PDF’d version of the event bible here, and general instructions for the longest (42km) distance ride here.

Meet at the Forks (canopy) at 11:30 AM on Saturday!