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5th Annual Winnipeg Global FatBike Day Ride, Saturday Dec 3 2016


Photo Credit to Gregory McNeill, taken from FatBikeManitoba.com

If you’re looking for an official way to kick off the winter FatBike riding season there might be just the event to fit the bill for you this Saturday, Dec 3rd.

It’s time on Saturday for the 5th annual Winnipeg Global FatBike Day Ride.  This has been a solid event of riding and recreation in recent Winnipeg history and we expect it to be a great way to get some distance on our FatBike wheels again this year.

There are different distances to chose from, and more details available by checking out the FatBikeManitoba.com site or going directly to the event Facebook site (which is a closed membership page, so if you’re not already a member but you’re interested go to the page and request membership).

You can also check out a PDF’d version of the event bible here, and general instructions for the longest (42km) distance ride here.

Meet at the Forks (canopy) at 11:30 AM on Saturday!

Race Volunteers Needed!


We’re already turning our attention to one of the most exciting events of the year, Actif Epica, taking place Saturday, February 18th 2017.

If you don’t already know, the event involves a bike or run from southern Manitoba along the Crow Wing Trail into Winnipeg, ending at the Forks after a 120km, 162km, or 200km journey depending on the distance you decide to endure.

As is the case with so many events of this nature volunteers are the lifeblood that enables and energizes the participants to reach the finish line.

Volunteers are needed to man sheltered check stops along the route and to help with various other race day duties.

We’ll link to an online volunteer form that provides additional info soon but as planning begins we wanted to post this early solicitation.  If you’d like more details and/or would like to offer your help please send an email to info@olympiacycle.com and the Actif Epica Volunteer Coordinators will get back to you soon.  Trust us; helping the participants achieve their race goals can be at least as rewarding as crossing the line yourself, but without the next-morning soreness 🙂

For more info on Actif Epica visit the official site here.

CX Provincials this weekend!


This is it folks!…the Provincial Cyclocross Championships are this coming weekend, on Sunday, October 23rd in Whittier Park.

Note that because they’re the Championships races are organized according to age, not ‘class’.  Also note that there is no Open category.  You must have an MCA license to  compete.

If you’re not already planning to race or help with the race be sure to come out and spectate. Cyclocross is one of the most vibrant, dynamic, spectator friendly amateur sports that exists.  Whittier Park has lots of parking, it’s a gorgeous venue, and the forecast looks good!

For more info check out the race site.