Surly / Salsa

Surly and Salsa are bike brand cousins, both designed in Minneapolis, which makes them the closest thing to a local brand that we stock (though admittedly they’re on the other side of the border).  They make mostly steel frame sets (well actually Salsa is doing more and more aluminum, carbon, and even titanium theses days) some of which can be ordered as complete bikes, others as frame sets that we’ll build for you (or you are welcome to build them up yourself).

We always have a small selection of Surly’s and Salsa’s in stock because we like to display how the two brands fill a bit of a void by making old school road bikes, do-anything ‘cross and touring bikes, and a few sorta out there designs that have to be seen to be appreciated. Of particular note are the relatively new winter bikes from Surly and Salsa that run massive tires for better flotation. Affectionately known as FatBikes they are also used on sand, bog, and technical terrain where a bit more cushion at the expense of a few extra pounds is a good thing.

We don’t however stock everything from these two brands and depending on when you visit us we may have a different variety of their stuff in house, but we can of course order you in anything you’d like.

Below are the prices of all 2020 Surly and Salsa models.  In store prices may fluctuate, and if there’s a discrepancy the in store price is correct.

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