Electra may be the most model specific brand we carry, by which we mean we pretty much just stock their cruisers.  To be honest cruisers are far and away what Electra is known for though they have branched out a bit and do make a few other types of models now.

To clarify further, Electra specifically calls some of their models ‘Cruisers’ while calling others ‘Townies’, and although the frame design is a bit different between each (the Townie’s are closer to what we might call comfort bikes) many folks refer to all of them as cruiser bikes.  To make matters even a little more complicated Electra offers many Cruiser and Townie models, all made unique with different paint and design schemes and accessories, and many in single speed, 3 speed, 7 speed, or 21 speed set ups.

Though we don’t stock every single style we do usually have a good selection of Electra’s to choose from.

2020 model prices are posted below. Click on pics to enlarge: