FatBike Models

In previous posts we’ve talked about what a FatBike is (e.g. how it differs from a conventional mountain bike in design and application) and we’ve covered different FatBike tire types for different conditions. Today we’re talking about the different FatBike models we sell…

Salsa Beargrease

In 2019 we sell FatBikes from Salsa, Cannondale, and Surly. Most of our in-stock selection is from Salsa, but we can order in anything you’d like from any of those 3 manufactures (the other manufacturers we stock and deal with  don’t currently offer FatBikes).

Pictured above is a mid-range Salsa Beargrease. It’s a more race oriented, carbon framed bike that handles much like a conventional, higher end mountain bike. Like most 2019 FatBikes it has a 1x drivetrain and is available with a few component options. Although originally designed as a 26″ wheeled bike, since 2018 the Beargrease has been a 27.5″ affair, and in 2019 the frame has been completed redesigned to be 27.5″ specific.

The Beargrease is suitable for most conditions but if you’re looking for maximum flotation and an even more ‘allrounder’ from the Salsa family you may want to look at the Mukluk, pictured below. It uses 26″ wheels with wider rubber and has a slightly more relaxed geometry, and is available in carbon or aluminum.

Salsa Mukluk

And then there’s the Salsa Blackborow, below, a niche within a niche. It has an elongated wheelbase that can support a huge, integrated rack and even some additional panniers if you wish, so you can go almost anywhere and take almost anything with you.

A fuller description of all of the Salsa bikes can be found on their corporate site (but remember that they list prices in US dollars; our Salsa prices are listed here).

Salsa Blackborow

Though we don’t stock as many of them as we used to we still carry Surly FatBikes as well, like the Wednesday. It’s a do-almost-anything FatBike similar to the Salsa Mukluk but it’s made with traditional steel tubing. Surly’s other FatBikes can be found on their site, mostly under their ‘Trail’ section.

Surly Wednesday

That leaves us with Cannondale, a relative newcomer to the FatBike world. They have just two entries for 2019 but both are capable bikes with aluminum frames. Some of the bikes we’ve featured above can be fitted with an aftermarket suspension fork but the Cannondale Fat CAAD1 (one of C’dale’s two models) comes stock with their Lefty front shock. The Lefty helps keep the weight down compared to some other options while still giving you a suspended front end.  Full details on that and the Fat CAAD2 can be found here.

C’Dale Fat CAAD1