2018 Salsa Marrakesh

For all of the recent bike trends (FatBikes, cruisers, 1x drivetrains, constant suspension improvements, and so on) there’s something pure and satisfying about a rigid, steel touring bike with drop bars and a 3×9 drivetrain.

That’s exactly what the Salsa Marrakesh is.   It also includes traditional bar end shift levers and a colour matched Brooks saddle, and easy to service mechanical disc brakes.

The frame and fork have multiple water bottle and accessory braze-ons, and the bike comes with a durable, heavy duty rear rack.  The geometry is relaxed and the component selection keeps the cost down to just $2100 plus taxes.

Quite simply this is a classic yet modern long distance touring bike through and through, and it’s a great value.  The one pictured here is a 55cm frame, so more or less a medium size.  Check it out before touring season hits soon!