Trainer Tires

Last week we featured a great indoor bike trainer we have in stock (one of many options currently available in store).  With likely a couple of months left of cold, snowy weather many of us will be spending at least some of our ride time indoors for a while yet.

If you’re using, or plan to use, an indoor trainer but you aren’t currently using a trainer specific tire you should definitely consider it.  As you hopefully haven’t learned the hard way a regular tire can get chewed up quickly on a trainer wheel.  You really have no choice but to at least swap out your ‘usual’ outdoor tire for one dedicated to indoor use, or you’ll have to replace your outdoor tire before you hit the road again anyway.

So long as you need to buy a new tire for indoor use you may as well buy a tire that’s trainer specific.  They cost more in the short term ($70 or so), but they’ll potentially last for years and in the long run will almost certainly cost less than having to purchase a ‘cheaper’ option year after year.

At the moment we have 700c and 26” tires in stock.  The 700c tires should fit most 29er rims as well.  If you’re rocking a 27.5” wheel we don’t have a trainer tire for you in stock at the time of this posting but it’s not difficult for us to get one in.