Kinetic Smart Control Trainer


First, the media blurb copied and pasted from the Kinetic Smart Control indoor trainer site:

”Take your indoor training to the next level with a power trainer that combines our best-in-class frame, breakthrough electronic resistance unit and data delivery to Bluetooth-connected devices for a world of training possibilities with apps like Kinetic Fit, Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Kinomap Trainer and FulGaz.

A massive flywheel delivers super-realistic road feel and the quiet, app-controlled resistance unit simulates everything from rolling hills to alpine climbs. The Road Machine | Smart Control will reinvent your indoor training experience. When you combine this powerful platform and the peace-of-mind of the industry’s best warranty, the Road Machine | Smart Control system is the smart choice for any cyclist ready to take training to the next level.”

Now, our blurb:

Indoor training is boring,  Or at least it was.  It’ll never replace actually riding outside, but we concede that sometimes outdoor riding just isn’t convenient, and wow is indoor training a lot better than it was.  Kinetic and their Smart Control trainer are a big reason why indoor training is greatly improved.  It’s now simple to connect your trainer to the internet via a smartphone or tablet and a Bluetooth connection and ride against others, virtual or real, or ride ‘offline’ still making use of all the data available through various apps that take you through changes in terrain/resistance and track your results like never before.

Spend $825 plus taxes and suddenly you’ll enjoy indoor riding a lot more than you used to.