Revelate Pogies


We usually write our own product comments based on our personal use.  While many of us in the shop do use the Revelate Pogies and could make our own comments about how great they are (because they ARE great) Revelate’s site does such a good job of describing them that we’ve taken the easy way out and copied and pasted what they had to say, below.

We have a few pairs of these in stock at the time of this posting, for $300 each plus taxes.

Re-Designed for Winter 2017!

Williwaw Pogies deliver high performance and warmth in a low-bulk package. Designed for everything from singletrack winter riding to commuting, the Williwaw Pogies are ideal for temps ranging from from 0 F to 25 F (editors note: or colder if you wear heavier mitts underneath).

Constructed with a 3-layer laminated material, developed by Revelate, composed of outer shell, foam for stiffness and insulation, and thin fleece against your hands. Williwaws maintain their upright position on the handlebars and don’t flop around or sag. The exteriors are burly – bash through frozen brush and branches all you like.

The included bar end attachments internally fix the mitt to the ends of the handle bars and allow for quick, tool-free removal while preventing the pogies from sagging when loaded up on rough terrain. No fiddling with a 3mm hex when you want to take them off.

A zippered front vent with water resistant zipper allows you to blow off excess heat, a big perk on long climbs.

Flat bars only.


Composite material: 600-denier polyester outers, foam insulation, fleece lining
Zippered front vent for blowing off steam.
Adjustiable wrist gasket
Tool free Bar end plug attachment (plugs included)
EVA Foam draft stopper handlebar plug
Reflective trim