Nutcase “Winter” Helmets


Okay, we should say straight away that these aren’t winter specific helmets, but they are what many of use in the winter.  Instead of using a well-ventilated summer helmet that we purchased to fit our heads well with nothing underneath many of us use the more solid Nutcase designs, like the ones pictured above, for the winter and we make sure to buy a size that specifically works with a toque and/or balaclava underneath.

At a cost of approximately $65 (depending on the exact model) having a specific helmet for winter riding is a good investment and makes the ride so much more comfortable.  What’s more, many of the Nutcase models are brightly coloured which helps immensely with visibility in winter when it’s dark for so many hours of the day.

We have plenty of Nutcases to choose from at the time of this posting so come and pick you favorite style and colour anytime!