45Nrth Wrathchild Studded 27.5+ Tires

Remember when every mountain bike tire fit every rim and bike?  Yeah, we don’t really either.  It’s been a long time.  The tire featured here admittedly isn’t going to work for all of our customers, BUT if you’re enjoying your 27.5+ bike (like the awesome Marin Pine Mountain) and have discovered it’s as versatile in the winter as it is in the summer, you’ll be stoked to discover the 45Nrth Wrathchild Studded 27.5+ tires, in store at the time of this posting.

This is the very first 27.5+ tire from 45Nrth.  It’s curious that their first 27.5+ tire is studded, but then 45Nrth is kind of a winter bike company so it makes sense and we’re thrilled that they’ve conquered this tire size by starting with a winter-specific application.

The tread block on this tire is fairly aggressive and grips well in snow, and the concave aluminum carbide studs do an excellent job of gripping the ice.  The 120tpi sidewalls run at low pressure are supple and help provide a compliant rolling resistance.  Oh, and the tires are tubeless ready.

Plunk down $240 plus taxes per tire and you can take on winter on you’re 27.5+ bike with confidence today.