VeeTire Fat Tire Stud Kit

The street and trail conditions are kinda weird out there right now.  With the constant freezing and thawing we’ve experienced throughout November we’ve been left with slick icy patches and dry concrete, which can make for treacherous riding.

Fortunately we have VeeTire Stud Kits in stock at the time of this posting.  If you are already rocking a set of VeeTire’s that accept studs, or if you like the VeeTires we have in stock but wish they were studded, you can now stud them yourself.  The Stud Kit contains 250 carbide tipped studs and the required tool to apply them to your tires.

Most tires take fewer than 250 studs so this kit should cover one tire, or if you plan to only partially stud your tires (e.g. you’re only studding the inner or outer tread) one kit may cover two tires.  Please note that this kit only works with VeeTire’s though.

Cost is $100 per kit and we have a few of ‘em in stock at the time of this posting.