Sugoi RS Winter Socks


We have two dilemmas with this set of socks…(1) We don’t know how to take an appealing picture of a pair of socks.  I guess this picture isn’t unappealing, but it probably doesn’t get you super excited either, and (2) most companies have a different idea of what ‘winter’ means than we do here in Winnipeg, so we don’t know if we should truly bill these as winter apparel.

There’s not much we can do about our first dilemma, but maybe we can decide that our second dilemma is resolved because as it turns out these socks really do work well in wintry Winnipeg conditions.  They’re thick enough that they provide a good layer of insulation under your cycling boots but they’re not so bulky that they fit poorly inside your winter footwear, and they do a great job of wicking away sweat as you start to heat up on your cold weather ride.

We have a few pairs in stock at the time of this posting just in time for you to prepare for the snowfall that should arrive in a month or two.  Cost is $30 per pair.