Benno Carry On


We’ve recently received into stock a couple of Benno bikes, now carried by one of our distributors.  For those not in the know (including yours truely until we took in these bikes) Benno is the new brainchild from the original designer and founder of Electra Bikes.

The guy who started Electra (his name is actually Benno) sold it a few years ago but evidently he still has a design itch to scratch so he started Benno Bikes.  You can definately see some of Electra’s design philosophy in Benno bicycles, but many of the Benno models are arguably more functional than their designer’s first brand.

Case in point is the Carry On model pictured above, which we have in stock and built up now.  It has a longer than normal wheelbase (but not crazy long) to allow for a large, fully integrated rear rack that can carry A LOT of stuff.  To handle that extra weight it has Avid mechanical disc brakes to stop you and your stuff with confidence and 2.6″ balloon tires that help cushion the load.  It also has a fully geared 27 speed drivetrain.

Of particular note though is the aforementioned balloon tires, which have a 24″ diameter, smaller than the more common 26″ mountain bike wheel.  The smaller rim but larger tire works out to roughly the same outer tire diameter found on a 26″ wheel, so you get a standard feeling ride but with extra float.

The MRSP on this model is $1800 but we’re offering it for just $1250 plus taxes at the time of this posting.