NOS Salsa Blackborows have arrived!



Archived September 2017

Okay, stick with us on this one…we have just received into stock some new old stock Salsa Blackborows. In 2017 Salsa significantly revamped the Blackborow model, so much so that it really became a completely different bike with a very different application.

What we just received into stock is the 2016 version, which is a much more straightforward FatBike.  Actually, we’ve received the frames and are planning to build them up into custom FatBikes.  Salsa was motivated to move the older frame version quickly so we were able to get them on quite a deal, and we plan to pass that savings on to you.

If you’ve like to inquire further about our plans, or if you’d like to claim a frame for yourself and build it up on your own or if you’d like us to build one for you connect with us anytime and we’ll sort something out.  We have a couple of medium and a couple of large frame sizes in stock at the time of this posting.