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The Iron Ride spin bike competition

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Dec 1 - May 31
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The manager of Pan Am Place recently forwarded us this info to share (below).  Check it out and consider challenging yourself while raising money for charity…

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The Iron Ride
24HR Bike Race
12:00 pm, Saturday, September 23rd

What is “The Iron Ride”?

We are very excited to host our first 24hr spin bike competition!!!

Competitors will push themselves through 24 hours of music filled, action packed outdoor challenges. The team or individual competitor to clock the most kilometers in the 24hrs WINS!

The goal of this fundraiser is two fold – a unique & challenging competition designed to push you to the max AND an opportunity to raise money for Pan Am Place, a registered charity, that provides food and shelter to Pan Am’s homeless youth population.

How it Works…

Individual riders or teams (maximum 6 people per team) must register to reserve one of 20 state of the art Keiser stationary bikes.

Teams may be comprised of any mix of men, women, youth or seniors. Teams will develop their own strategy for completing the 24 hours by choosing their riding position (seated, standing etc.) and their gear. Riders may switch each other off as many times as they wish OR one rider may choose to ride more than others on the team.

Each team will develop its own winning strategy – bottom line.

Pan Am’s roadwork team will be there to lead and encourage throughout the race but will not be setting the tension or running any drills at all.


Each bike has a fundraising goal of $5000 which should be spread amongst your riders. With all 6 riders fundraising, the goal becomes only $833 per person!

Donations can be accumulated by asking friends, family, and colleagues to support you in this great cause. If your team is not close to raising its $5000 goal a week before the race, contact us to ask for support and ideas. Consider corporate donations as a great way to obtain larger donations.

Please note that past races have included a “per km pledge”…. This race is different! Because each rider will be off and on the bike, its difficult to track individual mileage. Due to this, we ask that only lump sum donations be submitted.

You are responsible for submitting your donations to Pan Am on race day! Please have one designated person per team submit donations for simplicity and administrative purposes.

Donations $25 or more will receive a charitable donation receipt. You must collect name and addresses of donors for donation receipt purposes.

Donations must be submitted ON RACE DAY! Remember, its not a per km pledge so you don’t need to race first before collecting.

For more information, please call or email us.

Be aware, event details are subject to change. Participants will be notified if any adjustments are made.

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