Kenda Happy Medium ‘Cross Tires



Archived August 2017

Believe it or not we’re only a month or so away from the local cyclocross seasons.  That means you might want to start thinking now about what type of ‘cross tire will work best for local course conditions.

They problem (or the awesomeness?) of ‘cross racing is that you never really know what conditions the courses will throw at you, and in many cases different sections of the same course really call for different tires.

Enter the Kenda Happy Medium.  This 700 x 32c tire has a fast centre line with just enough tread to keep you right side up on gravel and mud when you’re riding in a straight line, but it also has a more aggressive outer tread that really helps grip the corners, and aids in sloppy conditions even when headed straight.

We have the same tires also available in a 40c width, though keep in mind that if you are racing in local “A” or “B” class races 40c is too wide to comply with the rules.

Cost is $50 plus taxes per tire for the narrower ones, $60 plus taxes for each of the wide ones.