Thule Chariot Cross 2



Archived August 2017

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is an invaluable tool for almost everyone who owns one.  It will comfortably and safely transport 2 young children virtually anywhere you want to go in virtually any conditions.

The Cross 2 is exceptionally well thought out with many awesome features, like independently reclinable seats, a retractable rear cargo space, adjustable leaf springs, adjustable ventilation, and much more.

Of course it’s also adaptable for use while jogging, cycling, skiing, or just strolling around, and it’s super easy to collapse and throw into a trunk.

It includes the bike and stroller kits, while the other kits and plenty of other useful accessories can be purchased separately.

Cost is $1100 plus taxes.  When you’re done with it you’ll find that they hold their value very well and are easily resellable.  We have a few of these and other child carrier options in stock now as well as plenty of accessories.  Come to the shop anytime to determine exactly what combination will best suit your needs.  To watch a video detailing most of the features click here.