Surly Krampus


Yesterday we featured a Marin Pine Mountain because, in part, we like its simplicity.  With large volume 27.5+ tires it can run a rigid fork and still eat up a lot of trail and road bumps, and with a 1x drivetrain the shifting is simple too.

Today we’re featuring a similar bike made by Surly.  The Krampus was one of the very first ‘plus’ bikes on the market.  It was called a plus bike but was really intended as a bike with slightly less tire volume than a FatBike (but more than a conventional 29er cross country tire).  The result is a bike that rides on 3″ wide 29er tires, providing more volume than the aforementioned Marin Pine Mountain but less than a FatBike with 4-5″ wide tires.

It’s a great bike for almost all local trail riding, and it doesn’t feel as big as a full-on FatBike on the road or lighter trail as you connect the dots between more technical terrain.

Originally $2250 plus taxes we have one 15″ Krampus on sale now for $1900 plus taxes.