Marin Pine Mountain


Here’s our 2nd ‘simple’ bike feature this week.  In this case, more allows for less.  Specifically, the Marin Pine Mountain has 27.5″ plus tires.  The larger than average tire volume creates an outer tire diameter roughly the same size as a conventional 29er tire but with a wider than normal tread width and a lower than normal PSI inflation recommendation.

All this means that front suspension isn’t as necessary because the tires can absorb more trail bumps and cracks in the road so the Pine Mountain has a rigid front fork, keeping the cost down and keeping the bike simple.

The bike also features a simple 1×10 drivetrain with a large rear cassette, offering a wide range of gearing but a less complex set up.

$1250 plus taxes will get you the whole package.  Learn how simple can be better by test riding the Pine Mountain while we still have it in stock.