Kids Bike Feature #4 – XS Bolinas Ridge 2

FullSizeRender 2

Last week we featured a few in stock kids bikes, and before we’re done with the theme we want to feature a couple more this week, though with a bit of a twist.

The first of two kids bikes featured this week isn’t strictly a kids bike, and that’s sort of the point.  It’s an extra small Marin Bolinas Ridge 2.  It’s an ‘adult’ bike in an XS frame size.  We have a number of XS frames in stock, from more than one manufacturer and in a few models.  They can typically fit someone who’s 5 feet tall or even less, so for taller kids an XS adult bike often makes a good fit.

The Bolinas Ridge 2 in particular is $635 plus taxes and is built and ready to ride today.