Kids Bike Feature #3: Giant TCX Espoir 26


This week we’re featuring some of our kids bikes. The bikes designed specifically for children have gone through radical changes in the last few years (heck, when many of us were younger a ‘kids’ bike was, at best, a slightly smaller version of an adult bike and was often simply the smallest adult bike you could find), with frame designs and wheels sizes suited to a smaller stature.

Cyclocross has taken off in Manitoba in the last decade, and kids are a large part of that growth right now and certainly will be for the future too.  Most kids ‘cross races allow the use of mountain bikes so the events are more accesseable to everyone, but if your child is really getting into the sport nothing will help them more than getting used to a ‘cross specific bike.  Enter the Giant TCX Espoir 26, a full on cyclocross bike made for smaller than adult bodies.

It has a 1x drivetrain (which is quickly becoming favoured by adults too) with an integrated brake and shift lever, mechanical disc brakes, and 26″ wheels mated with capable ‘cross tires.

Though we only have the 26″ wheel version in stock at the moment this same model is also available with 24″ tires for even smaller youth.  Both cost $790 plus taxes.