Kids Bike Feature #2: Giant XTC Jr SL

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This week we’re featuring some of our kids bikes. The bikes designed specifically for children have gone through radical changes in the last few years (heck, when many of us were younger a ‘kids’ bike was, at best, a slightly smaller version of an adult bike and was often simply the smallest adult bike you could find), with frame designs and wheels sizes suited to a smaller stature.

The Giant XTC Jr SL is pretty much a fully featured adult bike that’s specifically built for a kid.  What we may like the most about it is the air sprung front shocks.  They’re adjustable, they work well even when used by light kids, and they’re light themselves.

The rest of the bike is well spec’d for a kids bike too, including a fully geared drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

All of this doesn’t come super cheap; the Giant XTC Jr SL will set you back $740 plus taxes, but if you bought one for us when we were younger you would be our BFF, even if BFF’s weren’t a thing back then.