Kids Bike Feature #1: Giant XTC 20″ Lite

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This week we’re featuring some of our kids bikes.  The bikes designed specifically for children have gone through radical changes in the last few years (heck, when many of us were younger a ‘kids’ bike was, at best, a slightly smaller version of an adult bike and was often simply the smallest adult bike you could find), with frame designs and wheels sizes suited to a smaller stature.

The Giant XTC 20″ Lite has, as the name implies, 20 inch wheels which puts it in the middle of most kids bikes size range (usually wheel sizes are 16″, 20″, and 24″; super small kids bike and some push bikes have 12″ wheels).  The ‘Lite’ part of the name refers to the rigid front fork.  This bike is also available with a suspension fork but we think the rigid front end is a great idea.

The truth is that most kids riding a bike this size aren’t heavy enough to activate the front suspension. What’s more, the suspension found on most kids bikes is made up of basic, non adjustable springs that aren’t particularly compliant to start with.  So, in many cases the result is added weight with little benefit, and at a higher cost.

The Giant XTC 20″ Lite offers a lighter set up, a 7 speed drivetrain, and easily serviceable and/or replaceable components should the spec ones get a little banged up (not that kids ever drop or crash their bikes) for $360 plus taxes.  We have a few in stock at the time of this posting.