Giant Enchant 1 24″ Disc “Girl’s” Bike?


Yesterday we featured the Giant XTC Jr 24″ Disc, a kids bike with adult features.  Today we’re featuring the XTC’s ‘companion’ bike, the Enchant 1 24″ Disc.

We’re using the word ‘companion’ because we’re trying to avoid using the word ‘girls’.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with gender specific bikes.  Some higher end adult bikes are made to be somewhat gender specific by employing frame geometry that’s better suited to an average men’s and an average women’s build, using different width handlebars, different lever lengths, etc.

Even when done properly we’re a little uncomfortable with the male/female distinction between some adult bikes though, because they’re generalizations and the truth is that some men might fit a women’s bike better and vice versa.  With kids bikes, like the one pictured above, the distinction makes even less sense. The Enchant is essentially the same as the XTC except that it has a different paint scheme that adds some purple.  We’re assuming the purple is supposed to be more of a girl’s colour, though we don’t see why a boy wouldn’t like it too.

The Enchant also has a top tube that’s more notched, which sorta kinda harkens back to the days of sloping tubes on girls bike for easier riding while wearing a dress.  The irony is that many adult unisex mountain bikes feature notched top tubes, and most bikes these days have some slope.

So, if your girl really wants a girl’s bike you can tell her that’s what the Enchant is.  If your boy or girl wants a cool bike and doesn’t care about marketing labels show them the Enchant and the XTC and let them choose.  Both are $500 each plus taxes and we have them in stock at the time of this posting.