Giant Tough Road SLR2


In the last few years we’ve seen the emergence of a new, somewhat loosely defined bike segment.  Giant calls the new category “X-Road”.  Even within this category bike models are quite varied.  For instance, some are drop bar and others have a more traditional mountain bike set up with flat bars and other mountain bike features.

Generally though they feature a wide gearing selection, tires that are fatter and more aggressive than road tires but are still reasonably efficient on a variety of terrains, and a robust frame and fork that can take some abuse.

The Giant Tough Road SLR2 checks all of those boxes.  It’s essentially a lightweight, quick, rigid mountain bike with efficient wheels and tires that can be used as a commuter and fitness ride over virtually any local terrain and can also be taken off road in all but the the most challenging conditions.

It has a 3×9 drivetrain and disc brakes, and it has all the necessary eyelets if you want to add fenders and panniers and make it a full on touring bike.

It’s $1070 plus taxes and we have a size medium built up and ready to test ride anytime.