Mavic Thermo Plus Shoe Cover

The weather is all over the place these days but at the time of this posting it’s getting warmer again. Warm enough that we’re ditching our cycling boots and looking for are summer riding shoes and some shoe covers, like the ones pictured above from Mavic. 

The Thermo Plus Shoe Cover is a fairly straight forward affair with a couple of special additional features. 

First, it has flaps that allow you to access your shoe’s retention system without taking the whole cover off. It’s nice to be able to adjust your shoes for comfort on the fly, especially when it’s still a little nippy outside. 

Second, the shoes have pockets that are intended for little hot packs (sold separately – we usually have them in stock when it’s less than hot outside). The pockets are a heck of a lot nicer to use than stuffing hot packs between your socks and your shoes. 

Cost is $85 a pair and we have a few in stock at the time of this posting.