Revelate Mountain Feedbag


Pictured above is an awesomely simple item from Revelate: The Mountain Feedbag.

It sits beside your stem and is designed so that you can place one on both sides of the stem at the same time if you need two.  It can carry your Nalgene bottle or thermos, or a quick snack, your emergency phone, or just about anything else you want really quick access to.

How quick?  The bag can be opened with one hand in a second, and closed just as quickly.  Here’s a link to a super quick video to prove the point: (Sorry, embedding isn’t working for the video).

The Feedbag also comes with 3 small external pouches that can be used to store gels or other items you want to grab quickly, or can be used as small waste baskets when you’re done consuming that quick energy burst.

We have a few of these Feedbags in stock at the time of this post, so feel free to come and check them out for yourself.