Revelate Handlebar Pogies

Handlebar pogies are great for really cold winter riding, but maybe counter intuitively they’re also good for warmer winter riding.  In conditions closer to the freezing mark they can allow you to wear your regular summer cycling gloves under them.  The feeling of wearing your ‘normal’ gloves to grip your bars, brake levers, and shifters is so much nicer than using big and heavy winter apparel.

Revelate pogies are arguably the best in the business.  They have so many features that instead of listing them all here we’re providing you with a link to the list of features found on the manufacturer’s site.

No matter the winter temps, if you do anything more than just very casual riding during our cold season it’s worth your while to check out what Revelate pogies have to offer.  We have a number of pairs in stock at the time of this posting for $300 each plus taxes.