Revelate Handlebar Harness


As promised we’re featuring a few Revelate products today, starting with their Handlebar Harness.

The Harness is made to hold almost any cylindrical item you need to carry, including sleeping bags, tent packs, and various dry bags.  It works with flat bars or drop bars, though obviously with drop bars there’s a limit to the width of the item you’re carrying becasue it needs to fit in between the drops.

It should also be noted that the harness won’t work with road or canti style brakes because the vertical brake cable will interfere with it.  Disc and v-brakes work well with it, and fortunately more and more touring and ‘cross bikes are coming with discs so the comparability of this Harness is broadening almost daily.

It’s also worth noting that the Harness is virtually crash proof.  It looks vulnerable because it sits on the very front of the bike; an area that often takes the brunt of a crash.  However, the Harness is very pliable and by holding your cargo in front it’s the cargo that actually takes the hit.  Your sleeping bag will probably survive a collision with a rock.  Maybe store your fine china elsewhere.

Cost is $115 plus taxes, and of course does not include whatever you’re carrying, like the dry bag pictured below.