Revelate Adventure Riding Gear


We recently restocked our shelves with Revelate Designs riding gear, like the super capable seat bag pictured further below.

For those who don’t know, Revelate Designs started a decade ago in Anchorage, Alaska, arguably one of the only cities in the world that could claim to have as much winter FatBiking clout as Winnipeg.  The first Revelate designs were made for FatBike frame bags,  and much of what they have designed since then has had FatBikes in mind as well, though they’ve expanded their focus to general adventure riding.

We’ve fallen in love with their various on-bike packing solutions, like their aforementioned frame bags, as well as their saddle bags, top tube mounted bags, and more.

In the next few days we’ll feature some of the specific gear we have in stock from Revelate.  In the mean time if you have any questions about our stock feel free to call us at (204) 888-4586 or better yet visit the shop in person.