Limited FatBike Sale!

We have a handful of new ’14, ’15, and ’16 FatBikes that we’ve just recently put on an unbelievable sale.  At the time of this posting this is what we have (prices do not include tax):

2014 Surly Moonlander, 18 inch only, reg $2600, sale price $1600

2016 Surly Ice Cream Truck, 21 inch only, reg $3600, sale price $2520

2015 Salsa Beargrease Alloy, 15 and 19 inch, reg $3100, sale price $2000

2016 Salsa Beargrease Carbon X1, 19 and 21 inch, reg $4850, sale price $3395

Becasue of the crazy discount on these bikes we’re selling them without substitution; e.g. you can buy them exactly as they are currently set up (which is the stock set up from the manufacturer) for the low price listed above.

We only have onezies or twozies of these models at these prices so if you’re interested please act fast.  We anticipate they’ll go quickly at these prices.