Fatback Rhino

If you’re looking for something a little bit different we brought in a couple of Fatback Rhino FatBike frames and have built one of them up as a complete bike. 

It has an 18″ frame size (we’ll call that medium to large), and we’ve built it with a 1x drivetrain, 80mm wide rims, and mechanical disc brakes. We’re selling it for $2300 plus taxes. 

If you like the frame and the spec but would prefer 100mm wide rims we can probably accommodate that too because we’re planning to build the second frame up with wider hoops and we can easily swap those between bikes. 

As mentioned we have only two Fatback frames in stock, and to our knowledge are the only shop in town to have any, so this is a unique opportunity that you want to jump on fast if you’re interested.