Studded Tires


Oh my, it’s icy out there.

With a forecast of continued thawing and freezing it’s gonna be slick for a while, so we decided it was time to feature our studded tire selection again. In the right (or wrong, depending on your perspective) conditions studded tires can make the difference between many crashes on your ride, or none.  Seriously, they improve the likelihood that you’ll stay up on the ice by approximately 10,000%.  Granted our research is mostly experiential and hasn’t been formally quantified, but that number seems about right.

We have a variety of studded tires in stock for most bikes, including 29ers, 26 inch mountain bikes, 700 C ‘cross bikes, and 4″ and 5″ wide FatBikes.

Most studded tires are built with more pliable rubber so you not only get the benefit of the studs but also have more grip in general.

Cost is all over the place depending on the exact tire and application you’re looking for, so if you’re interested in getting set up give us a call for specific info at (204) 888-4586 or come down to the shop so we can help you in person.