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CTR Glacier Protector Headwear

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We probably don’t have to tell you that it’s cold out there, but we should tell you about the great gear we have to help you cope with the cold.

Pictured above is the CTR Glacier Protector headgear.  Think of it as sort of the bottom half of a balaclava.  Why only buy the ‘bottom half’?  Because sometimes a balaclava just doesn’t fit around your face the way you want it to, or because sometimes mid-ride or mid-ski it’s nice to be able to pull the bottom half down to regulate temperature and breathing.

What’s more, the Glacier Protector can be pared with the favourite toque you already own and enjoy wearing.

It has nice and flat seams so it doesn’t chaffe against your face, and it has good nose/mouth ventilation.  We have a handful of colours and sizes in stock at the time of this posting, for $25 each plus taxes.

Spend a few bucks and save your face!  It looks like the cold is here for a bit.

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