Bergans Courier Bag


We haven’t previously stocked courier bags from Bergans but when we were recently doing our winter apparel order with them we noticed their bags were on sale.  We snapped some up and are passing the savings on to you.  Regularly priced at $120 we’re asking just $80 plus tax.

The bags look a little less utilitarian than some of the others (from other manufactures) we have stocked in the past, so they not only look appropriate while you’re riding, but they also look great hauling your laptop or lunch to work in your jacket and tie or blouse and skirt.

The bag isn’t waterproof but it does a pretty good job of keeping your stuff sheltered from the elements.  It has the usual adjustable shoulder strap, and common inside pockets for keeping things organized.

We have a few in stock at the time of this posting, but once they’re gone that’s likely it for good.