45Nrth Cobra Fist FatBike Pogies


Sometimes it gets so cold that no pair of gloves or mitts can really keep your hands warm, at least not the kid of gloves or mitts that you can wear while riding.

That’s why we stock FatBike pogies from 45Nrth.  It should be pointed out that athough they are called “FatBike” pogies there is of course no reason why they won’t work with virtually any flat barred bike.

These particular pogies do a good job of holding their form when still on the bar but not in use, so it’s relatively easy to slip your gloved or mitted hands into and out of them.

At $215 a pair they’re not cheap, but they should last you for many years and are likely transferable to whatever bike(s) you have down the road.

If you’re unfamiliar with bike pogies feel free to stick a pair of ours on a bike in the shop and try them out for yourself.