Christmas Gift Idea #5


It’s the week before Christmas so each day we plan to help you out with some last minute gift ideas by featuring a bike and/or ski related item that is almost universally appealing to the biker or skier in your life .

Today we’re featuring a gift you can choose to give either to someone you know well, or to someone as a bit of a joke; but not really a joke, because Chamois Butt’r can quite literally save your hide.

If you know someone who goes on long rides they’ve almost certainly experienced some chaffing where, frankly, you just don’t want chaffing.  Properly applied Chamois Butt’r pretty much eliminates that issue.

All of the Butt’r we have in stock is good for either men or women, but the ‘Her’ version is specifically pH balanced for a woman.

Cost is $32 plus taxes for a tube.