Christmas Gift Idea #3


It’s the week before Christmas so each day we plan to help you out with some last minute gift ideas by featuring a bike and/or ski related item that is almost universally appealing to the biker or skier in your life .

Today we’re featuring bike lights.  More specifically we’re featuring lights that are brighter than ‘blinkies’ but not our brightest lights that are more suited to backcountry expedition or race pace riding.

We’re talking about lights that start at around 200 lumen thru to 500 lumen or so.  These lights will do more than just allow others to see you.  They will cast enough illumination that you will be able to see the ground immediately in front of you, enough so that if you aren’t going a blistering pace, if the terrain isn’t super technical, and if you’re not otherwise in complete darkness they will probably suffice to get you where you’re going.  They’re typically a great idea for the daily commute.

They’re lightweight, self contained (no external battery that needs to be attached to the bike separately) and offer relatively long battery life.

Prices start around $50, and we have a variety in stock.