45Nrth Nicotine Studded 29er Tire

We usually try to write our reviews first hand but the official write up for the new Nicotine tires on 45Nrth’s website is so  succinct that we’ve simply copied and pasted it below. 

We haven’t actually ridden the tires ourselves yet but based on what we see, our general experience with the manufacturer, and the early reviews from others we trust these will be awesome. 

They should fit most 29er bikes, but if you have any doubts about yours bring your bike in and we can make sure before you roll back out of the store. 

Cost is $225 per tire. 

Official blurb from Nrth 45’s site:

The first high performance mountain bike tire with concave studs. The high volume 2.35” casing profile adds float on packed snow, while also adding a flatter contact patch for incredible traction and stability. The tread design of the Nicotine uses siping and open space between lugs to grip and shed snow. 222 lightweight studs with a concave carbide tip and aluminum base are carefully placed across the casing to provide extra assurance when the surface turns icy.