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Vee Tire Co. Snow Shoe 2XL FatBike Tires

Mon - Fri 10 - 9
Sat 10 - 6
Dec 1 - May 31
Open 1 - 5 pm
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We’ll admit that what we like most about these new FatBike tires, in stock at the time of this posting, is that they’re white!  That’s the least functional feature of the tires though.

The most important functional thing to point out is that these tires live up to their 2XL moniker with a width of just over 5″.  That of course means maximum floatation.

The tread pattern is designed to be be optimal in conditions where you require maximum flotation – namely thick snow.

The tires are supple despite their heft, with 120 TPI casing, and they’re tubeless ready to help reduce the overall weight of such wide rubber.

Hand over $200 per tire and you’ll pretty much be set for anything winter can through at you.

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