2017 Marin Stinson ST

Maybe we should have saved this bike to feature closer to Christmas because of the colours but it just arrived and we wanted to let people know about it now. 

For the last few years we’ve stocked ‘comfort’ bikes from Giant and Electra, but more recently other manufacturers have stepped up their comfort game and offered good value in that market so we’ve begun stocking models from other brands too, like the Marin Stinson ST pictured above. 

ST stands for step thru frame design. The frame is made of aluminum and results in a reasonably lightweight bike. It comes with a full range of gears. The biggest feature though might be the 27.5″ tires. We’re happy to see comfort bikes like this one now spec’d with the mid-diameter tires, because for this type of bike we think they offer a great compromise between comfort and efficiency. 

At $695 plus taxes this bike is very well priced. Come check it out for yourself soon.