45Nrth Wolfgar Winter Cycling Boots



We haven’t tested the Wolfgar out in the wild yet, but we think they’re exactly what we’ve been looking for.  The Wolvhammer, formerly the warmest cycling boot available from 45Nrth, is great in all but the worst conditions, but when it gets seriously nasty outside we stick overboots overtop of them to add extra warmth (or we buy the boots a size too big so we can add an extra layer of socks and some toe warmers).

The Wolfgars have double the insulation of the Wolvhammer!  The felted wool liner is also removable so if you carry a second pair of liners with you you can switch out what’s in your boots mid-ride to keep your toes dry.

It’s worth pointing out that the Wolfgars are also studable.  Depending on where and how you ride that might be important to you.

We have the Wolfgar in stock in most sizes now, for $600 a pair.