Auclair Gloves


Our winter gloves and mitts are finally all out on display, and we have a really good selection from a few manufacturers, including Auclair.

Pictured above is a great winter mitt from Auclair that is surprisingly lightweight despite it’s warmth. It’s also surprisingly dextris, by which we mean your hands don’t feel like they’re all thumbs when your wearing these and manipulating your ski poles or even your bike brake levers and shifters.

But most of all we like these because they’re red.  Or more accurately because they’re not black.  Most of mitts we sell are black, because most technical gifts seem to be black, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find the right items digging through a whole basket filled with black mitts, black toques, block balaclavas, etc.

So, if you need some cold weather mitts we have plenty in stock, including the ones pictured above for $110 plus taxes.  If you want ones that happen to be ‘not’ black stop by quickly before our red ones are gone.