2017 C’dale CAADx Disc Tiagra now in stock!


There are still a handful of ‘cross races left this season and we happen to have a few 2017 Cannondale ‘cross bikes already in stock.  Just say’n.

Above the CAADX Disc Tiagra is pictured.  As the name implies it’s spec’d with Tiagra components and it has mechanical disc brakes.

The geometry is unchanged from the CAADX series from last year, which means it’s racy enough to serve you well in any local competition but just relaxed enough that it also makes for a great commuter or general fitness bike.

Also, we dig the new colour.  We have a couple of sizes in stock now, and at least one other 2017 C’dale cyclocross model as well.  Come in and check ’em out before the competitive season is over.